One way in which Cairneagle is different is our focus on risk-based work as well as traditional consultancy

Some of our recent venturing and risk-based work:

  • Helping entrepreneurs and businesses develop their strategy and business plans, introducing them to backers, and taking an equity stake by way of compensation (commonly known as “sweat equity”)
  • Promoting investment transactions, where we package up an idea, large or small, with a management team and take it to an investor
  • For a market-leading telco, how to drive more customer engagement and create a community
  • Putting seed money into new ventures as a principal
  • Providing ad hoc corporate finance advisory services; we have sold small businesses for their owners, and we have helped companies find businesses to acquire
What does risk-based work involve?
All risk-based work uses the same rigour and discipline that we apply to our consulting projects. And the same expertise – we evaluate markets and competition, the business’s product proposition and its economics.

  • Sector focus: Much of this work is in our key sectors of TMT and education but it ranges well beyond those sectors based on the past experience of our senior management group. For example, we have a particular expertise in supporting natural resource transactions
  • Our largest exit: To date, our largest exit was a seven-figure sum from our investment in the Hoxton Hotel in Great Eastern Street, London, where we built the original business plan and supported the initial fund-raising
  • Our most recent disposal: We successfully sold the Forum for Expatriate Management, an events business, to Centaur Media Group plc in 2011 for up to £7m. The earn out on this deal was paid in September 2013

Our on-going investments

SL-XSL-x is developing a new global exchange platform in the stock borrowing and lending market, underpinned by a central counter-party. SL-x is backed by Palamon Partners, a European PE firm. Cairneagle developed the business plan for SL-x with the management team and introduced them to Palamon.
Make PositiveThis is one of the fastest-growing Salesforce systems integrators which is developing both services and products for the Salesforce eco-system. Cairneagle supported Make Positive in developing their growth strategy for a sale process and a subsequent funding round when the sale fell through.
Foundation Inns is a four-pub Enterprise Investment Scheme company. Cairneagle conceived and seeded the idea, sourced a management team and orchestrated the £6m fund-raising.
We are also actively promoting investments. An interesting feature of these is that they tend to be at the larger end of the scale and take a long time to come to fruition. We are currently promoting a natural resources deal in Europe ($300m) and have two multi-billion pound deals on the table – with backers lined up – in the financial services markets waiting for the vendors to decide whether the timing is right to sell.

What the CEO of one of our investments said about us:

“When we were establishing our business and developing our strategic plan, Cairneagle were able to nail down the economics of the stock borrowing and lending marketplace in great detail. They were invaluable in articulating the benefits case of our central counterparty model for different classes of participants. The management team found their technical and commercial capabilities to be first rate and of a standard in line with the leading specialist financial services consulting brands.”