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ID: 007

“Over the past number of years, we have found in Cairneagle a partner who identifies with our core values and recognizes our challenges. Throughout the organization and to a person, they demonstrate professionalism, dedication and a sense of flexibility in appreciating our objectives and scoping their efforts to align with our desired outcomes – a trait that we value highly.”


Corporate Development Director, Publishing, Strategy
ID: 008

“I’ve read countless reports on the K12 education market but what struck me about Cairneagle’s research was the maturity of their interpretation of the macro-economic and industry trends and the independence of their thinking. They push beyond common collective views and deliver true strategic insight”


Director, Publisher, Strategy
ID: 009

“Cairneagle went above and beyond the brief to ensure the full opportunity for Babington would be recognised, understood and then exploited by the eventual buyer. This work was approached creatively and the final report was excellent value for money for the shareholders.”


PE Principal, Apprenticeships, VDD
ID: 012

“Cairneagle combined a profound understanding of the UK nursery sector with a diligent and innovative strategic approach. Their work included a detailed supply/ demand assessment and an insight into parent behaviours to provide a robust view on the achievability of the business plan on a nursery-by-nursery basis.”


PE Principal, Nurseries, CDD
ID: 013

“We found Cairneagle’s advice well researched and refreshingly clear and concise as to the future options particularly their positioning of the Institution’s current model with that of their competitors. Their participation in the project was very pro-active and their manner of communication inclusive.”


Governor, Independent School, Strategy
ID: 017

“Cairneagle supported us in developing our restructuring strategy and obtaining agreement for it from the ESFA. They took on a big, critical task with severe time constraints – modelling the market and financial consequences of the whole portfolio restructuring; they executed very well, and were a pleasure to work with.”


CEO, Multi-academy trust, Strategy
ID: 020

“We highly appreciate Cairneagle’s deep knowledge of the childcare sector together with the team dedication and genuine interest in achieving the best for their client. They have definitely met and surpassed our expectations and we are confident that our collaboration will continue in the future.”


M&A Manager, Nursery Group, Strategy
ID: 025

“What sets Cairneagle apart from others is their speed to deploy and their ability to get their heads around new geographies very quickly. Their work is of the highest qualitywith the right balance between quantative and qualitative data. They do the work, cover the ground and help us to make big investment decisions with confidence. Highly recommended.”


Director, International School Group, CDD


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