Why education?

Education is a trillion-dollar sector globally with fast-growing demand for consultancy services, driven by rapid change in demographics, affordability, consumer behaviour, regulation, funding, competition and technology.

Private education institutions are growing on the back of a scarcity of government funding to meet the appetites of demanding consumers. Meanwhile, public and not-for-profit institutions must embrace a more commercial approach.

Our clients seek help to re-think their strategies, propositions, business models and ways of working more than ever before.

Nurseries. Schools. Higher education.

We understand how educational institutions work and the challenges they face.

We work with institutions, their owners and investors, at every level of educational delivery in the UK and internationally. Half our work is executed outside of the UK.

Publishers. Edtech. Teacher supply.

We understand the educational eco-system and the different challenges faced by traditional providers, from the move to digital resources, to new entrants, scaling and accessing new markets.

Some of our clients

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