Podcast – How organisations are changing after COVID-19

8th April 2021
Are businesses and the government prepared to respond to changes arising from the COVID-19 crisis by reimagining what they can do and redefining their contract with staff and citizens to reflect new working practices and expectations?

Julie Mercer recently participated in the ICiPS webinar focussing on how management practice was changing as a result of the Pandemic and the lessons learned as part of a series of discussions entitled Building Back Better after the Pandemic. The webinar was hosted by Neil Stewart, and Julie was joined by fellow panellists Dan Lucy and Debbie Simpson who together explored how board members, managers and those involved in policy development and delivery might respond to the changes that have arisen during the COVID-19 crisis to support recovery, growth and innovation.

On the first of this series of podcasts, Julie shared her insights on how Covid has impacted individuals, teams, organisations and communities and the extent to which these changes and their implications are as yet fully recognised.

Has this been welcomed as an opportunity? How can businesses and the government think differently to address new ways of working and the opportunity to build back better? What is the role of the organisation and how do they build trust with their teams, support mental wellbeing and encourage productivity and enterprise?

You can watch the whole discussion or specific contributions on Vimeo or YouTube.

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