Media/Technology is one of Cairneagle’s two areas of focus

Some issues where we have supported clients:

  • For a global media firm, how to monetise a highly successful website
  • For a B2C publisher, whether to acquire a Facebook marketing agency
  • For a market-leading telco, how to drive more customer engagement and create a community
  • For a leading entertainment group, how to extend their offer onto mobile platforms
  • For a B2B information business, how to create new revenue streams from commercialising their data
  • For a global events business looking to be acquired, how to manage the sales process to maximise value
  • For a PE firm, how to commercially structure a new financial technology platform
  • For a global media group, how to transform their ticketing business

Challenges in the Media/Technology space

TMT has a large and growing share of GDP and the component elements – media, technology and telecoms – are vast and wide-ranging. Because they are converging and because migration to the internet and digitisation underpins them all, it makes sense to combine them in one practice area.

Our belief is that the changes we have seen as a result of the combination of the internet and the increasing miniaturisation and deployment of computing technology are only the beginning of a tsunami of disruption we will see in the next ten to twenty years. Our firm is oriented to growth strategies, so seeing the wood from the trees, and getting the right balance between excitement about future potential and the reality of short-term impact is critical.

Big data, social media, the cloud, 3D printing, the internet of things, crowd funding, 4G, advertising real-time bidding … the list of major disruptive changes is endless, and we help our clients work out, in all of this, how to continue to make money.

In media we work with publishers and broadcasters and some of the world’s largest integrated media groups with on-line and traditional publishing activities for consumers and businesses. We have a particular focus on B2B information businesses and strong expertise in financial information businesses. We also have deep expertise in the events sector, advising businesses on issues including strategic assessment, portfolio review, internationalisation/geo-cloning, acquisition support and pricing strategies.

Our telecoms experience covers all aspects of fixed-line and mobile and infrastructure and service providers. Finding the right balance between focusing on infrastructure (utility provision) and value-add (services provision) is a recurrent theme for our clients in this space.

In technology we advise large and small businesses in areas like open-source software, IT services and educational technology and cover issues such as expansion and performance improvement. Financial technology (Fintech) is a particular area of expertise – we have advised some of the world’s largest exchanges on strategy and business development.