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30th November 2018
Rupert Barclay, Managing Partner, to assess state of EdTech for FutureBook Live

International strategy consultancy Cairneagle Associates is undertaking a comprehensive survey of current views of the EdTech sector that it will present at FutureBook Live, The Bookseller’s publishing and innovations conference.

Rupert Barclay, managing partner, is to present “Perspectives on EdTech”, the results of a survey of The Bookseller’saudience and members of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association), which will explore the views of different participants in the EdTech landscape on growth, routes to market and profitability.

Cairneagle believes that the markets are opening up to tech, new teaching models are being trialled and deployed, new businesses are seeking investment to deliver tech-led tools while many old businesses are retrenching, with textbook publishers looking for ways to deliver their content in a more flexible and interactive way, while maintaining prices. Barclay said: “EdTech has many manifestations but we are still waiting for the inflection point at which it affects the greatest number of people for the majority of time they spend teaching or learning, driving efficiency, efficacy and attainment at scale.”

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Barclay’s analysis will follow the keynote talk from Kiera Newmark,deputy director of the STEM and Digital Skills Unit at the Department for Education, who will provide an overview of the government’s thinking into how schools can better get to grips with today’s learning platforms, and how publishers can usefully involve themselves. The morning keynotes will finish with Rose Luckin of UCL Knowledge Lab who will talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), are being used in education. In her latest book, Machine Learning and Human Intelligence: The Future of Education for the 21st Century, Luckin offers recommendations for how educators can draw on what AI does best to nurture and expand our human capabilities.

The EdTech stream concludes with the ever-popular PitchEd, run by George Burgess of the EdTech Exchange, which will see the brightest start-ups in this space vie for a £1,000 prize and PR support from Mango Marketing, followed by a closing keynote, from Sir Anthony Seldon, co-author of The Fourth Education Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence Liberate or Infantilise Humanity? In his talk, Seldon will talk about how the education sector is likely to feel the impact from the increased reliance upon AI within schools and universities.

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The full programme can be accessed here, and tickets can be bought here. FutureBook Live takes place on 30th November in London, at 155 Bishopsgate.

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