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5th December 2019
Cairneagle approaches the close of 2019 on a high after winning the coveted EducationInvestor Award for The Best Consultants to Education institutions. Winners of the 10th EducationInvestor Awards were recognised in a ceremony at The Royal Lancaster Hotel on Wednesday December 4th. Here are the reflections of Cairneagle’s four partners on the event and the award:

Jorge Amirola: “We enjoy what we do and we always strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of support and advice. It is a great satisfaction to see our efforts recognised by winning this Award, and it drives us to work even harder and continue aspiring to excel. Thanks to our team for their hard work and our clients for their trust and loyalty.”

Julie Mercer: “Having joined Cairneagle earlier this year, winning this Award fills me with pride and confidence in our firm and our fabulous team. To all our clients past present and future – this Award is also yours – thank you for trusting us with your business and your support.”

Arun Kanwar: “It’s a privilege for all of us at Cairneagle to support our clients to fulfil their mission of delivering educational outcomes in a commercially viable manner. Our team is absolutely delighted to have been recognised by this award, and it gives us renewed energy to continue to be part of building the future of education.

Rupert Barclay, Managing Partner: “Jorge, Julie and Arun have said it all (or nearly all!) and rightly pay tribute to our clients and our team. I want to thank all the other people in the educational eco-system who have advised and guided us over the past few years. It’s a long list: executives at all levels in publishers and other companies that supply services to educational institutions, school governors, heads and teachers, lecturers, educational foundations, educational agents, industry associations, the educational media and the corporate financiers, lawyers, property agents, PR firms, and recruitment companies that we also engage with. We are lucky to be part of a sector which is important, stimulating and fun“

Our thanks to EducationInvestor, the event sponsors and the Royal Lancaster Hotel for hosting a great evening and congratulations to this year’s nominees and winners.  Find out more

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